Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Texts on Knowledge

Texts on Knowledge: "To Transfigure. To Organise.

'And what a responsibility it is to see that no one takes our responsibility away from us.'
– David Cooper (1978)

'It will come to the mass of the changing season; they will find themselves in and stimulated by the situation consciously at last to recreate it within and without as their own.'
– Alexander Trocchi (1964)

An imaginary and a real university woven into each other. A spontaneous and an anti-university. 'I murmured something about trying to write an article on the Anti-University', Roberta Elzey writes in the book Counter Culture published in 1970 and edited by Joe Berke, a leading anti-psychiatrist at the time. 'Invisible insurrection, Ralph Schoeneman appears and disappears, Shimon Tzabar, McLuhan: Madison Avenue Cop-out, auto-destructive art, dance and movement, R.D. Laing, alchemists, Black Power SOMA ... tea or Coffee?'. She continues on inhered. Joe Berke and David Cooper were among the founders of the London anti-university in 1968."

Experimental Music – The course would involve students in playing and listening. 'I think many people swing towards and away from experience of music without realising its proximity. My aim would be to identify the experience and expand and prolong it. Speaking for myself, the concert hall is one of the less likely places to find a musical experience' – Fortnightly – Thursdays 6:30 p.m. Cornelius Cardew, London Anti-University, Rivington Street.

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