Wednesday, 11 November 2009

London Anti-University

Roberta Elzey on the London Anti-University:

“In the summer of 1967, the Dialectics of Liberation Congress was held in London, bringing together many people of diverse backgrounds. Out of this grew a desire for more meetings, particularly among those still in London with experience in various matters discusses at the Congress and those just starting to explore them. In November 1967, Allen Krebs, David Cooper and Joseph Berke had been among the founders of the Free University of New York, where Krebs had been co-ordinator. David Cooper’s anti-institution, Villa 21, had been acclaimed as a radical experiment in psychiatry. These three then called to discuss the Anti-university in a wider group. They had three general orientations: radical politics, existential psychiatry and the avant-garde of the arts.”

The London Anti-University was active 1968-69 at 49 Rivington Street in East-London. Text from ’Counter-Culture’, ed. Joe Berke, 1969. Photo taken 2003.

From 'Notes on institutions, anti-institutions and self-institutions'
by Jakob Jakobsen of the Copenhagen Free University

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